Kyoto ~ Japan

After a high speed ride on the Shinkansen from Tokyo, we arrived in Kyoto .  What normally takes six hours in a car only took two on the train. Japan has always been ahead of everyone when it comes to train transportation. The Shinkansen is a high speed bullet train that runs throughout Japan. Shinkansen train lines are over 1,700 miles and travel at speeds from 140-200 mph. During peak times, there are thirteen trains per hour in each directionRead more

Hector ~ Singapore

Hector is a beautiful German Short-haired Pointer born in Australia. He currently resides in Singapore. His hair is the color of roasted chestnuts,  his nose is like soft leather and his ears feel like velvet. Hector’s frame is lean and muscular. His arms and legs are long. He has beautiful brown eyes that glow in the night and shine in the sun. He is well-trained and kind towards humans and animals alike.   Hector lives a very privileged life  onRead more