eyesAbout this blog. I’ve never read or had a blog. I just didn’t like the word personally. Blog. It didn’t sound interesting and it represented a lot of reading. I’m not much of a reader unless it’s instructions or some remedy I need immediately. Thanks to Youtube I don’t even have to read instructions sometimes. Your probably asking why are we now reading YOUR blog? Well… I had no choice.

The time is here. We have sold our house, cars and ALL of our belongings. We have cancelled every bill, subscription, appointment, account and commitment. Everything we need can fit into our brand new backpacks to be carried on our backs. We have risen above the dogma of other people’s thinking and chosen a path most are too afraid to take. We have decided to use our lives exploring. Exploring new people, places and things. Seeing different lives on all aspects.

After years of traveling abroad, Doug decided he never wanted to come home again. He wanted to continue on and see more. It sounded great but I thought to myself, “What about our house, cars, things? We can’t just leave everything.” But as Doug planned, I listened and thought deeply. Can this really work? What about my job? My friends? My clothes? Money? As time passed by I realized that Doug’s dream is possible. I started saving money, eating at home and shopping in local upscale thrift stores for designer clothes instead of Neiman Marcus or Macy’s. I started talking about it to friends and family.  What did I have to lose? What was I really hanging onto?

I’ve always heard people say, “I had to lose everything to be happy”. I can honestly say now, I understand. Through this transition, I realized I was never my job, my car or my clothes. I was living up to an expectation that was always rising. Although I had it all, I could never attain that final feeling of accomplishment because there was always MORE in the way. I would spend my time and money on trying to keep up with the Jones’. In the process I lost sight of the things that were important. Sharing, being kind, freely helping others without anything in return. I had turned into a corporate robot. Where was my free spirit now? I was going from work to home with 2 weeks vacation a year. Is this it?

Fast forward two years and here we are. Today. September 9th, 2015. We are leaving in 3 hours to board a plane ONE WAY to Indonesia with no itinerary or return date in site. Sitting in this empty apartment waiting to leave is surreal. I don’t miss anything we sold or gave away. All of those things can be replaced. Good bye dogma, it’s been nice.

Realizing this opportunity is a true gift not many get. I want to take you along a journey that is worldwide. Showing you photos of life on all aspects. Humans, wild animals, nature and culture all explored as humans did centuries ago. Wandering the world looking for treasures and experiences to keep inside as precious memories and share with others.


13 responses to Introduction

  1. Katharina says:

    Dear Barbie! It was so much fun reading your motivation for your adventure. I am very happy that we met. I am Looking forward to come along with you through your Journey! Take care! Katharina

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  2. Barbie, Scott and I are watching your adventure from a distance – we are intrigued, excited and really thinking about your choices. Looking forward to more posts from you as you explore!!

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  3. Choo says:

    Barbie, I love following you and Doug’s journey through southeast Asia! – Choo


  4. Kathryn Jennett says:

    I always knew you’d travel ever since you jumped in my ear and walked threw my mind….katy

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  5. Uschi says:

    Thanks for following Sawyer’s adventures! Looking forward to reading more of your blog! ~Uschi


  6. Walnutz says:

    Love following your and Doug’s trip. Amazing job on these blogs/pictures.


  7. Louise Carroll says:

    Hello Barbie and Doug!!
    So nice to chat to you on the “Shark Boys” boat tour in Bora Bora on Monday 10 April 2017. We are now back home in Brisbane Australia missing Tahiti and planning our next adventure to another place!
    Keep in touch! I look forward to following your exciting travels. Xx
    Louise and Scott


    • Barbie says:

      Hi Louise!
      It was great meeting you in paradise! Congratulations again on your new marriage. We really enjoyed talking to you and Scott. Take care and maybe we will cross paths again one day!


  8. VegasJ says:

    Love the pics as always. I’ve been to a bunch of those places and great memories seeing pics and reading thru your eyes. We miss ya in Vegas. Fantastic!
    Vegas J


  9. Lana says:

    Hi Barbie! I can’t believe it! Love to hear from you! Miss u and think of you often!


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