Tokyo ~ Japan

Tokyo was once known as Tokyo City but now it has been broken up into twenty-three different wards. Our first stop in Tokyo is Shinjuku. The train from the airport  to the city rolled out at ninety-nine miles per hour, and that wasn’t even the fast train. I just sat there in awe. Not to mention how clean the train station is. In America if you can get past the street performers, beggars and smells then just maybe you’ll getRead more

Wild Atlantic Way ~ Ireland

Once we left the city of Dublin the roads changed from modern highways to two lane roads with roundabouts. In some areas the two lanes were barely wide enough for two cars. Pair this with driving on the right side of the car and it got hairy at times.  We took a drive down the Wild Atlantic Way. This route spans 1600 miles along the western coast line of Ireland. The first stopover from Dublin was Galway County. Whenever we askedRead more

Dublin ~ Ireland

Instead of states, Ireland is broken up into counties.  During this trip we plan to cover Galway, Clare and Kerry County.  The country of Ireland is an island surrounded by the North Channel, St George’s Channel, Irish and Atlantic seas.  Before visiting, the only things I knew about Ireland was from television.  Leprechauns, pots of gold, Lucky Charms cereal, corned beef and cabbage, rainbows, Irish Spring soap, four leaf clovers and thick accents. As it turns out all of theseRead more

Rotterdam ~ Netherlands

Rotterdam is a city in the Netherlands in South Holland. It’s also the next big city compared to Amsterdam. What makes Rotterdam different is the architecture. During the Nazi takeover the entire city center was ruined and destroyed. When the war was over the city was rebuilt with modern buildings (far ahead of their time) and wider streets. The town of Delft is what’s left of old Rotterdam. Only fifty percent of the population in Rotterdam are Dutch, the otherRead more

Hoi An ~ Vietnam

So much has changed since the last time we were here.  Parts of the city are unrecognizable and there are ten times more cars, vans and large tour buses on the narrow roads. The highway leading into Hoi An from Da Nang has been updated and the city of Da Nang is in the process of being built up with ocean front condominiums and high rise buildings. Updated bridges have been built with a modern yellow ark design. The secretRead more

Ninh Bình ~ Vietnam

Ninh Binh City is a small city in the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam. Most travelers skip this place and go directly to Hao Long Bay. We chose the opposite. Surrounded by rice fields, large karst and rivers running in between them, Nihn Binh is sprawling with greenery. The main center of town is a few miles from the true grit of the providence. The weather is much cooler than Hanoi which is only three hours drive from here. Read more

Hanoi ~ Vietnam

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and the country’s second largest city by population with over seven million people.  Hanoi is 1,090 miles north of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).  The flight from Saigon to Hanoi was ninety minutes.  The first thing I noticed was the French architecture and influences throughout the buildings. Everything seemed more orderly and polished than the madness of Saigon. The multilane highway was nicer than some highways in America. After a short ride from the airport weRead more

Mekong Delta ~ Vietnam

The trip to the Mekong delta was an organized three day tour with hotel and meals included. We were the only Americans on the trip. The first day started as early as the second and third – at 6:30am.  We started on a boat trip on the Mekong River to see the  Cai Be floating market.  A boat selling fruit pulled up next to ours and we tried a sample of jack fruit which is firm and sweet. The fruitRead more

Saigon ~ Vietnam

Upon arriving to Ho Chi Minh city I could see from the plane the change in the landscape since the last time we were here twelve years ago. I still refer to Ho Chi Minh city as Saigon despite it being renamed. There is so much action everywhere and people here spend a lot of time outdoors. Whether they are eating, working, transporting or relaxing, everyone is outside on the streets. Naps are a daily scene on the streets too.Read more

Hong Kong

After a long nine hour flight from Sydney arrived in Hong Kong at 5:30am. The sun was barely up and everything was closed. We were so excited to be in Hong Kong.  By the time we picked up our bags, had our coffee and got SIM cards a couple hours had passed.  By 7:30am it was crowded with people and most stores were open. Speaking of SIM cards, this was the cheapest place we’ve experienced in all of our travels. OnlyRead more