Saigon ~ Vietnam

Upon arriving to Ho Chi Minh city I could see from the plane the change in the landscape since the last time we were here twelve years ago. I still refer to Ho Chi Minh city as Saigon despite it being renamed. There is so much action everywhere and people here spend a lot of time outdoors. Whether they are eating, working, transporting or relaxing, everyone is outside on the streets. Naps are a daily scene on the streets too.Read more

Hong Kong

After a long nine hour flight from Sydney arrived in Hong Kong at 5:30am. The sun was barely up and everything was closed. We were so excited to be in Hong Kong.  By the time we picked up our bags, had our coffee and got SIM cards a couple hours had passed.  By 7:30am it was crowded with people and most stores were open. Speaking of SIM cards, this was the cheapest place we’ve experienced in all of our travels. OnlyRead more

Sydney ~ Australia

Sydney has always been a favorite city of mine since my first visit years ago. The city has only gotten better from then.  More high-rises, businesses and people have crowded this city making it a metropolis in Australia. The population of Asians in Sydney has quadrupled over the years.  There were times I looked around and actually thought I was in Asia.  In 2006 the census of Asians in Sydney was 33%, today I believe it has grown.  With theRead more

Moorea ~ French Polynesia

The proper pronunciation is Mo-or-ray-ah. The only thing I knew about the island previously was it was a popular honeymoon destination. The island is full of greenery and reminded me of what Hawaii must have looked like fifty years ago. Even though Moorea is a tourist destination there are only a couple of big chain resorts and the rest are small hotels, guesthouses and mostly locals living island life.Flying to Moorea from Huahine was one of the shortest flights we’ve taken soRead more

Huahine ~ French Polynesia

Huahine means pregnant woman. The outline of the island is shaped like a pregnant woman. Huahine has the most ancient Polynesian ruins of all the islands. There are many sacred places throughout the island that hold high significance to the Polynesian culture. This is also the least visited island by tourists. There are only three hotels and a few guesthouses for visitors to stay in.  We chose to live like locals and stay in a guest house named Rande’s Shack,Read more

Bora Bora ~ French Polynesia

The flight into Bora Bora was more of an island hopping day tour. There are no direct flights. The flight stops at Moorea (five minute flight), Huahine and last  Bora Bora.  During the flight we could see Raiatea Island. All of the islands are beautiful and have a huge reef around them. This reef makes the water a stunning light blue within the reef and dark blue outside of the reef into the great wide ocean. After landing we wereRead more

Tahiti ~ French Polynesia

I always imagined Tahiti  lined with white sandy beaches and drinks with a flower  or umbrella decoration and people lounging on long lounge chairs. It’s far from that. Surprisingly the beaches are not sandy coastlines, instead the ocean floor is very rocky.  The locals have no problem walking barefoot on the rocks and in the ocean but it could be dangerous to a tourist like myself.  Nothing is built along the shore except local homes. Tahiti is beautiful with aRead more

Coromandel Peninsula ~ New Zealand

Coromandel Peninsula extends 52 miles along the coast. It acts as a  natural barrier to protect the Hauraki Gulf and the Firth of Thames on the north island of New Zealand. This has become my favorite part of the north island. Not only is it covered in natural rainforest, it’s peaceful, clean and lined by the sea. Driving to Coromandel we took a turn down a road called 309 Road. This was a semi gravel road leading to our rentalRead more

Raglan ~ New Zealand

The next stop was Raglan. This upscale town is built around the coast has a beach town vibe. The main center of town is one small street with bakeries, grocery store, butcher and a few small stores in between. We stayed at Bow Street Studios at the end of the road in the heart of town. The apartment was at the base fo the ocean. The beach is steps away with a large bridge over the bay. During high tide peopleRead more

Bay of Islands ~ New Zealand

The Bay of Islands is an area on the north island of New Zealand. One hundred and forty four islands are in this area along peninsulas and inlets.  Arriving here around lunch time we pulled up to the harbour and were greeted by mobs of cruise ship drop offs for the day. The entire town was swarming with people buying souvenirs, clothing and food. There are so many things to do and see here that the entire time was aRead more