Amsterdam ~ Netherlands

It’s so easy to get lazy and put off writing, but what happens later is worse. At night I think about all of the cool things, places and people I saw throughout the day and want to write it down now before I forget it. I keep saying tomorrow and then new exciting things come to light the next day making me forget how exciting the previous day was. I’ve decided to blog for myself this trip. I’m recording the thingsRead more

Koh Rong ~ Cambodia

The cost for a roundtrip ticket on a speedboat from Sinhanoukville is $12.50 (USD) per person through Speed Ferry Cambodia. The announcement came that it would be 45 minutes late because of technical problems.  Sitting in hot weather with all our luggage wasn’t fun. After the boat arrived, we were told there were more mechanical problems.  Leaving would be even later. I called this the A-B-O-U-T stage. A bunch of unhappy travelers (ABOUT). Later everyone was given the option of taking the slow boat. OfRead more