Langkawi ~ Malaysia

Langkawi is an island in Malaysia surrounded by the sea. There is so much lush greenery around and the weather is extremely humid and hot. It’s definitely a tropical island. We were told to make sure and wear mosquito repellant while we were here. This is one of the few times I actually listened and did what I was told. Not only is the island beautiful, there are a ton of mosquitos too. The kind that bite and itch forRead more

Hector ~ Singapore

Hector is a beautiful German Short-haired Pointer born in Australia. He currently resides in Singapore. His hair is the color of roasted chestnuts,  his nose is like soft leather and his ears feel like velvet. Hector’s frame is lean and muscular. His arms and legs are long. He has beautiful brown eyes that glow in the night and shine in the sun. He is well-trained and kind towards humans and animals alike.   Hector lives a very privileged life  onRead more