Phnom Penh ~ Cambodia

This is the largest and most metropolitan city in Cambodia. There are many French influences in the building structures. So far this is one of my favorite cities on this trip. This city is very rich in history and culture. The traffic is much heavier here than other cities in Cambodia. The Statue of King Norodom Sihanouk is in the center of town. The monument was built and dedicated to the King in 2013. At night its beautiful to see. TheRead more

The Killing Fields ~ S 21 Prison

The visit to the Choeung Ek Genocidal Center a.k.a the Killing Fields and Toul Sleng Genocide Museum  a.k.a S 21 Prison was the most memorable part of this entire trip. I knew it would be bad, but it was worse than I ever expected. It wasn’t until I visited Cambodia that I knew much about the genocide that took place here from 1975-1979. This is the first and hopefully last genocide that has happened in my lifetime. The fact thatRead more

Koh Rong ~ Cambodia

The cost for a roundtrip ticket on a speedboat from Sinhanoukville is $12.50 (USD) per person through Speed Ferry Cambodia. The announcement came that it would be 45 minutes late because of technical problems.  Sitting in hot weather with all our luggage wasn’t fun. After the boat arrived, we were told there were more mechanical problems.  Leaving would be even later. I called this the A-B-O-U-T stage. A bunch of unhappy travelers (ABOUT). Later everyone was given the option of taking the slow boat. OfRead more

Otres Beach ~ Cambodia

Arriving here after a delayed flight, it was pitch black by 6:30pm. The ride from the airport was 25 minutes through traffic in darkness. No street lights or signs of any kind were in sight. Sihanoukville is the town we flew into from Siem Reap. This is where most people stay that visit here. It’s crowded and packed with budget hotels and backpackers.  Sihanoukville has lots of bars along the shoreline and tons of beach umbrellas and chairs packed togetherRead more