Singapore is like landing into a perfect place.  Everything is beautiful, clean, pristine and precise. The crime rate here is close to none and not a homeless person in sight.  The traffic runs smooth and the cars are all clean and updated. Looking out of the window in the taxi coming from the airport, I was in awe of the huge sky scrapers with ultra modern designs.  Staying the first few nights in Chinatown I was waiting for the leftRead more

Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok has really changed over the years. It went from third world to metropolitan. The city is huge and filled with buildings, condos, upscale shopping centers, sky trains, international chef run restaurants and fine dining establishments. Coming from the madness of Khao San Road in the Banglampu District, moving to the inner city was a relief. Being in the city made me realize how far behind America really is. The malls superseded the nicest malls in the United States. EachRead more