Canggu Indonesia

Canggu (pronounced “chan goo”) is located on the east coast of Bali, Indonesia.  It’s about a 45 minute to one hour drive from Denpasar airport by taxi. This is our first stop outside of America. I noticed a lot of trash around the streets while walking.  After seeing that and getting bit 8 times on the shoulder (at once) by mosquitos, I thought “I’m not going to like it here”.  My whole perspective completely changed after a good night’s sleep. I learned from a previous trip not to make any rash decisions on the first day. I’m glad I didn’t. Things got better after renting a bike and a full day at the beach.

Pererenan Beach

I saw a lot of Bali cows laying around in fields. Some fields had rice growing and some were just dirt. But there were cows on most of them. They were tied to a rope implanted in the ground. Most of them were chilling out. I later learned they were not on break from plowing the fields. They were laying around getting fat enough to eat! I felt bad for them but I know people have to eat. I myself LOVE beef.

Bali Cows
Bali Cows

The beach in Canggu had a ton of vendors along the parking lot of the beach. They were selling food and clothing. This lady was selling chicken saté. She made her own little restaurant in the parking lot. She even had a table and chairs!

Chicken sate' lady
Chicken saté lady

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