Whangarei ~ New Zealand

This is the first town on our trip around the north island. After traveling for so long it’s hard to remember small towns like this a few weeks later, let alone years later.  There is a beautiful waterfall here and lots of bush walk trails throughout the area. Waterfalls seem to be in every city and town here in New Zealand.  While driving around we realized Whangarei is a much larger town than we first thought. There are residential areas, familuar New Zealand  bigRead more

Greymouth New Zealand

One of the stops along the way was Salmon Farm Cafe.  Salmon is sold everywhere in New Zealand. The cafe sells salmon straight from the tanks. It was so exciting seeing the tanks and the beautiful landscaping around the farm. The tanks were in the middle of a farm surrounded by lush green grass and trees. They even sold food to feed the salmon while they were in the tanks. Of course I did. Literally minutes later after feeding them,Read more

Mount Cook ~ New Zealand South Island

New Zealand – South Island New Zealand is broken up into two islands, the North and South. The native people of New Zealand are Māori. Since 1987 Māori has been one of New Zealand’s official languages.  New Zealand’s Māori people define themselves as tribes.  Over the centuries the tribes have combined, while others have divided, and they have moved from place to place in New Zealand known to Māori as Aotearoa. The Māori people are beautiful and have Polynesian and European features.Read more