Koh Yao Yai Thailand

This is the island I’ve been looking for all of my life. No markets, no vendors, no traffic, no noise and hardly any people. There are only a handful of places to stay and one expensive resort. This is what I remember Thailand to be 15 years ago. Just locals and a few tourist. I love it here. There is nothing to do but relax and listen to the sounds of nature. Koh (means island) Yao Yai is an IslandRead more

Phuket Thailand

Phuket pronounced (pooh-ket) is down south inThailand. This means beautiful beaches and warm sunny weather everyday of the year. The sea is calm and warm. Unfortunately when we arrived the air was gloomy and hazy. This is because of the heavy smoke coming from Sumatra (click here for information). The farmers slash and burn their fields to harvest new crops faster. It’s becoming a huge problem and somewhat crippling the tourism to Thailand’s southern islands. The air quality has reached dangerousRead more

Pai Thailand

Pai pronounced (pie). Hippies and backpackers everywhere. I’m talking about deadlocked, backpacking, hairy pits, sometimes smelly, no shoe wearing, pierced, wandering vegans from all over the world are here. Throw in a large number of Chinese tourist and boom! Pai. Seriously there is a large amount of hippies here. Most of them are carrying their backpacks wherever they go. Meaning they don’t have a place to stay until it’s time to lay their head down at a hostel or room for rent.Read more