Nazareth ~ Israel

Nazareth is rich in history and known as “the Arab capital of Israel”.  Arab citizens living in Nazareth are a mix of Muslim and Christian faiths. Nazareth became a part of Israel in 1958.  Originally this city was an Arab state.  Palestinians fleeing from parts of their country came to Nazareth for refuge before the Arab-Israeli War.  Middle eastern influences in stores, restaurants and markets were all around. We stayed at Fauzi Azar Hostel. This was originally a home built in 1830, now named afterRead more

Ein Gedi , Rosh Pina, Akko ~ Israel

EIN GEDI, ISRAEL Ein Gedi is in the southern part of Israel one hour from Jerusalem, west of the Dead Sea.  The scenery changed almost immediately after leaving Jerusalem. High rock mountains and a temperature change from mild to hot and dry. Camels started appearing on the roadsides dressed in colorful headgear and saddles. Ein Gedi displays the diversity of landscapes in Israel. For such a small country there are plenty of options of things to do: city life, sandy beach, desert landscape and historicalRead more

Tel Aviv ~ Israel

So far Israel is my favorite stop on this world trip. It has everything you could possibly need: great food, warm ocean, clean beaches, and a handsome Prime Minister. Even though its sandwiched between countries that want to see it destroyed, it feels like I’ve landed in an oasis. Imagine traveling through a hot sandy desert and seeing a patch of beautiful palm trees and water supply in the middle. This is what I think of Israel. Prices are higher here than anywhere inRead more