Japanese Food

The best thing about visiting Japan is trying different foods that aren’t available anywhere else.  Japan surprises with a diversity of dishes that are left out of international Japanese restaurants abroad.  Fresh, prepared, packaged and specially ordered foods in Japan have been crafted to bring out their best flavor. Besides using the best quality ingredients, restaurant owners, cooks and chefs take pride in their dishes. This combination presents incredibly tasting food coming out of Japan. Most places in Japan whetherRead more

Osaka ~ Japan

Just when you think you’ve seen it all we land in Osaka.  Osaka is full of energy just like Tokyo but not as polished. There is a grittiness to this city but it still has the cleanliness and order Japan has exemplified this entire trip.  As soon as we arrived, we put our things in the rental apartment and headed straight for Dontoburi. This neighborhood of Osaka is filled with shops and tons of takoyaki stands.  Takoyaki are balls madeRead more