Tahiti ~ French Polynesia

I always imagined Tahiti  lined with white sandy beaches and drinks with a flower  or umbrella decoration and people lounging on long lounge chairs. It’s far from that. Surprisingly the beaches are not sandy coastlines, instead the ocean floor is very rocky.  The locals have no problem walking barefoot on the rocks and in the ocean but it could be dangerous to a tourist like myself.  Nothing is built along the shore except local homes. Tahiti is beautiful with aRead more

Kampot ~ Cambodia

Kampot‘s economy is based on salt and pepper production, fishing, and durian fruit. The city is surrounded by a river. There are many French influences in Kampot. The buildings are French colonial style which gives the city a certain charm. Some of old and new structures going up have the same French outline to them.   Kampot is  especially known for the peppers that grow here. Like wine vineyards there are different types and qualities of peppercorns grown here. Kampot peppercornsRead more